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Two and Half Men meets Love Story is the simplist way of describing None That I Know Of. It is the story of one man’s incredible journey. After living years as a single dad through three marriages, and in between a series of serendipitous relationships, tragedy strikes Joe. A motorcycle accident claims the life of his only child Joey, his clone - the sunshine of his life.

Knowing he can’t replace Joey, he creates a website called The purpose of the website is to enable men to discover an unexpected child or children they don’t know of, children born from one night casual sex encounters, or those serendipitous meetings known as “ships passing in the night”. Accepting he can’t replace Joey, Joe feels there is no reason why he can’t experience the joy and rewards he felt as a parent with another child.

Joe’s website, asks mothers the question, if for some unknown reason after our serendipitous encounter a child was conceived and you were unable to locate me - or you choose not to, I am looking to be found and make things right. It’s never too late to start a family.

To make is easier to be found, recalled and recognized, NoneThatIKnow- consists of photos of himself through the years along with informa- tion including details of his life. Joe also reaches out to adopted children searching for their natural parents, telling them, “If you look like Joey or me you may be my child.”

After months of waiting, Joe receives seven responses that offer hope, heartbreak and tears of joy. This is the story of those seven encounters; a child acknowledged, yet maybe lost to adoption, a mother informs him that he has a daughter, although shields the truth to avoid a scandal and another woman uses blackmail to divulge his child’s and grandchild’s identity. But it is the seventh response, a strange letter from Europe, which may not only provide him with a daughter, but a chance at a new life and a complete family. 

Joe Verola has also written several screen plays along with "Ten Steps to Becoming a Movie Star", "The American Idol Book" and series of self Improvement CDs under the title, "Free High Memory Recall." All can be purchased at Amazon by accessing

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