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Joe's Search for Children That He Doesn't Know Of

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Why am I building this site?

Obviously I want to find any children that I may have out there. There may not be any, but I sure hope there is.

But Why?

My only child that I know of was killed in a motorcycle accident, just before his 22nd. birthday in 1988. I suspect and hope that I have another child out there. I have had my "Ships Passing in the Night" those serendipitous meetings that come and disappear.

  • I know I can't replace Joey, but I don't have to lose another child for not knowing.
  • Hopefully, my child or children, grandchildren will be happy to get to know me and visa versa.
  • My unknown children deserve to know each other before losing each other forever.
  • Hopefully, my child or children, grandchildren can benefit from my experiences.
  • Hopefully, we can share Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus - I'm there.
  • Hopefully, I can be there to give a hug, when you need it.

Why didn't  I do this sooner?

  • There wasn't the Internet then, but now there is.

What makes me think that I may have other children?
I'm sure you guys reading this can come up with a few additional reasons.

  • I have been single for fifty percent of my adult life. Wish it could have been different. Then on the other hand fifty percent is better than none. 
  • Then there are those ships passing in the night. Those chance meetings that are so spontaneous and special. The following are examples: Pardon me as I speak in the third person. These are my possible scenarios:
    • The year could me, approximately 1967, 68, 69,  you're traveling on business to San Francisco and you meet some one at the bar at the Iron Horse Restaurant. You get intimate, you look forward to seeing this person the next time you come into town. You wrote her number on the back of napkin which absorbs a little water and that turns the night into a blur.
    • You're traveling on train from Monte Carlo to Paris, you don't speak a word of French and she doesn't speak a word of English, but there's chemistry. You get off the train, you take each others number, but you know. You wish you could see each other again, but you know. And somehow, you never forget this person.
    • The year could me, approximately 1974, 75, 76, you're in London, you meet a Playboy  Bunny working at a Casino. You spend the night in her flat that she just purchased. She's bright, beautiful, warm and you'll never forget her. She writes, you call, and maybe she'll come to the states.
    • Maybe you're  just two people that needed someone to hold through the night.
  • What's your story.

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