The words "None That I Know Of" are intended as a humorous response by some men to the question, "Do you have any children?"

The Website is my mission to find children, by now maybe grandchildren, that I don't know of due to reason beyond my control. My website provides pictures of myself through the years to make it easier to be recognized. Please visit my website to learn more about me.

The Parent Child Search Blog mission is to help unite children and parents that have been separated due to divorce, adoption, war, or fathers that were never informed that their child existed. Please visit The Parent Child Search Blog  to view the blog, as you might be able to help make a joyful reunion.

The Book is a humous, dramatic and satisfying story of father who is contacted my mothers that inform him of children that may or not be his.

The Book the The Website the Parent Child Search Blog


Happy Father's Day
Words that Brings a Tear to a Father's Eye
Dedicated to Joey Verola August 18, 1966 to July 2, 1988

      Two and Half Men meets Love Story is the simplest way of describing Happy Father's Day. It is the story of one man’s incredible journey. After living years as a single dad through three marriages, and in between a series of serendipitous relationships, tragedy strikes Joe. A motorcycle accident claims the life of his only child Joey, his clone - the sunshine of his life.

     Knowing he can’t replace Joey, he creates a website called The purpose of the website is to enable men to discover an unexpected child or children they don’t know of, children born from one night casual sex encounters, or those serendipitous meetings known as “ships passing in the night”. Accepting he can’t replace Joey, Joe feels there is no reason why he can’t experience the joy and rewards he felt as a parent with another child.

    Joe’s website, asks mothers the question, if for some unknown reason after our serendipitous encounter a child was conceived and you were unable to locate me - or you choose not to, I am looking to be found and make things right. It’s never too late to start a family.

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     To make is easier to be found, recalled and recognized, NoneThatIKnow- consists of photos of himself through the years along with information including details of his life. Joe also reaches out to adopted children searching for their natural parents, telling them, “If you look like Joey or me you may be my child.”

     After months of waiting, Joe receives seven responses that offer hope, heartbreak and tears of joy. This is the story of those seven encounters; a child acknowledged, yet maybe lost to adoption, a mother informs him that he has a daughter, although shields the truth to avoid a scandal and another woman uses blackmail to divulge his child’s and grandchild’s identity. But it is the seventh response, a strange letter from Europe, which may not only provide him with a daughter, but a chance at a new life and a complete family and the words, "Happy Father's Day."

     Joe Verola has also written several screen plays along with “Ten Steps to Becoming a Movie Star”, “The American Idol Book” and a series of self improvement CDs under the title of “Free High Memory Recall.” All can be purchased at Amazon by accessing




You're A Dog  - Jack

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You're a Dog is about a lovable womanizer named Jack and his terrifying and supernatural adventure as he fights to become the man he once was, but the new improved version. Under the pretense of a gentleman, he offers to pet sit Stephanie's dog, Pitts and promises to protect him with his life.

Rear cover image

Of course, he didn’t actually mean it. But, lax in his responsibility, while walking Pitts, Jack and Pitts are struck by a bus and their spirits, due to circumstance and a promise, enter each other's body.
Upon awaking, from the accident, Jack spirit finds himself in Stephanie's apartment -- but in Pitts' body.

While there he overhears Stephanie's fiancé's, Mike, plotting a hostile takeover of her company and her demise. Jack then set out on a mission to reverse the crossover of spirits, fulfill his promise and save Stephanie's company and her life. 

Fortunately and unfortunately, the crossover of spirits becomes known to all and to Stephanie's fiancé who realizes that Jack knows his plans and he must die before he returns to his body to expose the devious plans

Jack's mission has an unknown expiration before his spirit is lost and locked to the animal kingdom forever.

Stephanie and Jack Forever???

His obstacles increase when Pitts, who has become comfortable in Jack's body, suspects that Jack while in his body may have had sex with the love of his dog life Harmony.

For some of you, his story and resolve will be humorous and unjustified, to others ironic and well deserved. Provided are two ending to Jack's story; be the judge and jury and vote for the ending you feel Jack deserves and you would like to see in the movie and email your answer to

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How To Become A Movie Star In Ten Steps

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Snapped - A True Story

My name is Gloria De Laurentis; On March 12, 1992,
 I put eight bullets in my husband, Patrick Michael De Laurentis.

I met him when I was, as some would say, a precocious eleven.  Patrick was twenty nine, as some would say, a ____king pervert. At eleven, I passed for fourteen. I dressed the part. I had boobs, a nice butt, looked sexy for my age and really liked the attention I received.  I knew  Patrick was going to be my "Knight in Shining Armor."  I could tell, just by the way he smiled at me and checked me out.

Between the ages of eleven and fifteen, Patrick showed me pictures of nude boys and girls, had me watch him have sex with other children, and he gave me my first orgasm, at the age of twelve. We were married when I was fifteen and he was thirty one. From the day we were married, he both physically and mentally abused me and got me hooked on Crack. The police constantly visited our home for domestic violence calls, until I killed him.

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When I was arraigned, I was charged with Second-Degree Murder and faced twenty-five years in prison. While in awaiting trial, I prayed to Jesus to forgive me for what I had done. He must have heard my prayers, because he sent me Lisa Schreibersdorf a public defender. She showed that my defense was not "Battered Women's Syndrome," which in the past was connected to an insanity plea, but due to constant physical and mental abuse. Thank you, Jesus.

Documents, within this story, presented by Lisa Schreibersdorf, describe how over the past years the courts and society have traditionally treated women differently than men in regard to abuse and rape by husbands. It was this document that changed the way the courts and juries make their decisions. Guilty or Not Guilty?

   The sad truth is, many women who killed their abusive husbands and boyfriends were convicted of murder and went to prison or to mental institutions. I hope my story will help others from making the same mistakes I did.

  The Caregiver - If You Believe, It Is

    The Caregiver is a true story of my love for a woman named Dawn, and my mission to grant her dying wish; to have a romantic evening and diner in Paris.

    Dawn was dying of cervical cancer, and had only months to live. Traveling to Europe was impossible. However, where there is hope and desire, anything is possible.

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   Caregivers comes in many forms, family, friends and lovers, and they fulfill many needs in aiding those they love on their way to the light. Some provide meals, dispense medication, comfort and others talk of miracles. My hope, as a caregiver was to rekindle fond memories of years gone by. Memories, that would make us smile, laugh and cry a little; made bittersweet but no lessbeautiful by the knowledge that time was limited.

    I knew Dawn was excited about my arrival, but her other caregivers that were less enthusiastic; her daughter, and son-in-law, who lived in Dawn’s home with their two year old daughter. They were afraid my presence would just add more stress to an already difficult situation. When I arrived at Dawns home she was standing at the front door to greet me with a smile and tears. We held each other tightly, just as we had so many years before, completely unaware of the obstacles we would face in accomplishing this last mission.

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